Information Technology

Successful implementations of IT systems no matter if we talk about ERP, Mail, MIS or CRM or CAD solutions, they are all depending on your Human Capital. Not only that you have access to the IT employees with the right level of skills and experience but also your organization in the other departments. The history is full of unsuccessful or even failed system implentation simply because the user organization wasn’t addressed, informed, involved or even educated in the new solutions.

Furthermore most larger IT systems are only utilized 10 to 20% of their real capacity. Most of the time organizations only get to learn the basics of the many features systems like SAP or Oracle have to offer. Numerous functionalities and settings are never investigated or added simply because the user organization is not kept up to date with the systems real potential and the latest developemnts.

Having worked with IT for years and headed numerous successful system implementations I know the importance of how to address, involve and educate your organization in successful utilization of existing and future IT systems. Let’s of meet for a talk on how we together can empower your organization when it comes to IT and how we can increase the utilization of the investments your organization has done within IT.

I understand IT but talk the language of the Business!