Restructure and turnarounds:

  • Was responsible for a Business Process Reengineering of the whole Value Chain in one of Europe‚Äôs largest Flower Distribution companies.
  • Established a Danish Distribution Center covering delivering of finished goods and spare parts all over Europe.
  • Was a member of the Project Management Board in the Business Process Reengineering in a large Pan-European Corporation.
  • Overall responsible for the Wittenborg Aps plant facility close down in 2010/2011.
  • Had the overall responsibilities for several change management projects which included business processes and organization from sales order management to transportation planning and goods delivery.
  • Restructured the N&W IT departments from six departments into one centralized department, reducing department staff with more than 30% and still increasing IT operations and service levels.
  • Built a Nordic distribution center for spare parts and finished goods by integrating functions from sales order management, shipping department, spare part sales and warehouses for spare parts and finished goods.