M&A Consulting

Our M&A Consulting is primarily focused on M&A transactions and we support our clients with all the tasks and preparations both prior to, under and after these transactions.

Due Diligence

Do you need an extra hand to prepare the data room? We can help you gather and describe the necessary information to be placed in the data room. With our comprehensive, we can analyze and your organization, management, key employees, structure and much more. We can also handle the necessary audits to get the full overview of your Information Systems and Technologies. If you are a buyer we can help you to go through the material and identify both risks, black spots, low hanging fruits and much more. Our reports will help you to make the right business analysis and business cases.


Many mergers fail due to lack efforts spent on Pre-Merger activities. Often the financial structures and bank plans are constructed to perfectly match the Mergers and its expected deliveries. Still, many mergers fail to reach and meet the expectations for the merger. Often the reasons are not due to finances but due to a lot of other circumstances that could have been identified and planned in the Pre-Merger phase. Lack of clarity of Business Processes, no plans for HR when it comes to communication, retention and bonus structures. Also, Information Technology can be a risk and many mergers have failed due to comprehensive IT problems and unrevealed investment needs due to outdated infrastructure.

During Merger

We can assist with management when it comes to Program Office Management and Project Management. Additional we can focus on and manage everything related to HR and IT.

After Merger

Is the right strategy set? Is the right organization in place and do employees know how they contribute to reaching the bank plan? Is the right reward system in place? Do KPI’s or Balanced Scorecards support and measure the right steps to reach the strategy and the bank plan? What are the next initiatives to create the expected value from the merger? Acquisitions of new companies? New Offerings or services or is it organic growth? We can assist your team to identify, plan, prepare and execute.